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2017 3CD MUSIC BROKERS, MEXICO, M racklistHide Credits The Many Faces Of The Alice Cooper Group 1-1 –Michael Bruce As Rock Rolls On Featuring – Alice Cooper (2) 1-2 –Neal Smith Rock N' Roll Radio Featuring – Dennis Dunaway 1-3 –Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith Caught In A Dream 1-4 –Deadringer Double Talk 1-5 –Neal Smith Maneater Deadly To Her Prey Featuring – Dennis Dunaway 1-6 –Michael Bruce Friday On My Mind 1-7 –Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith Under My Wheels 1-8 –Killsmith How Do You Bleed 1-9 –Michael Bruce King Of America 1-10 –Neal Smith Baby, Please Don't Stop Featuring – Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce 1-11 –Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith School's Out 1-12 –Neal Smith Everyday Is A Holiday Featuring – Dennis Dunaway 1-13 –Killsmith Sexual Savior 1-14 –Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith Black Ju-Ju Alice Cooper Live Nightmare Tour 2-1 –Alice Cooper (2) Billion Dollar Babies 2-2 –Alice Cooper (2) I'm Eighteen 2-3 –Alice Cooper (2) Under My Wheels 2-4 –Alice Cooper (2) No More Mr. Nice Guy 2-5 –Alice Cooper (2) Escape 2-6 –Alice Cooper (2) Only Women Bleed 2-7 –Alice Cooper (2) Is It My Body 2-8 –Alice Cooper (2) Cold Ethyl 2-9 –Alice Cooper (2) Steven 2-10 –Alice Cooper (2) The Black Widow 2-11 –Alice Cooper (2) Department Of Youth 2-12 –Alice Cooper (2) School's Out The Songs 3-1 –Joel Hoekstra, Derrick LeFevre, Richard Kendrick & Kurtis E. Phlush School's Out 3-2 –Fierce Atmospheres Billion Dollar Babies 3-3 –Berzon Hello Hooray 3-4 –Kelly Keeling, Marko Pukkila, Sven Wannas*, Simmo Pirttimaa*, Vesa Saarikoski & The Heether Hey Stoopid 3-5 –Quatermoc Go To Hell 3-6 –Vid Payne It Is My Body 3-7 –The Alice Cooper Experience Halo Of Flies 3-8 –Erling Solem Nobody Likes Me 3-9 –Alice In Cooperland Only Women Bleed 3-10 –Charlie Bonnet III Be My Lover 3-11 –5th Avenue Vampires He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) 3-12 –Sinful Lilly Spirit Rebellious 3-13 –Richard Kendrick & Kurtis E. Phlush Pain 3-14 –Manuri & Al Solo* Clones (We're All)

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