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2017 3CD MUSIC BROKERS , MEXICO, M The Many Faces Of The Jimi Hendix Experience And Band Of Gypsys 1-1 –Bruce Cameron (4) Feat. Billy Cox & Buddy Miles Midnight Daydream 1-2 –Curtis Knight Feat. Jimi Hendrix How Would You Feel 1-3 –Cork (5) Feat. Noel Redding Genuine 1-4 –Buddy Miles Compassion For The Blues 1-5 –Little Richard Feat. Jimi Hendrix I Don't Know What You've Got But It's Got Me 1-6 –Bruce Cameron (4) Feat. Mitch Mitchell Raining The Blues 1-7 –Betty Davis Your Mama Wants Ya Back 1-8 –Curtis Knight & The Squires Feat. Jimi Hendrix Knock Yourself Out 1-9 –Cork (5) Feat. Noel Redding Waiting 1-10 –Curtis Knight & The Squires Feat. Jimi Hendrix Hornet's Nest 1-11 –Buddy Miles Tobacco Road 1-12 –Bruce Cameron (4) Feat. Billy Cox & Buddy Miles Born To Loose 1-13 –Betty Davis Shoo-B-Doop And Cop Him 1-14 –Cork (5) Feat. Noel Redding Sin City Jimi Hendrix The Early Sessions The Psychedelic Sessions 2-1 –Jimi Hendrix Free Spirit 2-2 –Jimi Hendrix Wipe The Sweat 2-3 –Jimi Hendrix Red House 2-4 –Jimi Hendrix Voices 2-5 –Jimi Hendrix Psycho 2-6 –Jimi Hendrix Hot Trigger The Soul Sessions 2-7 –Jimi Hendrix Voice In The Wind 2-8 –Jimi Hendrix Go-Go Jam 2-9 –Jimi Hendrix She's A Fox 2-10 –Jimi Hendrix Suspicious 2-11 –Jimi Hendrix Soul Floor The Rock N'Roll Sessions 2-12 –Jimi Hendrix Keep A Knockin' 2-13 –Jimi Hendrix Long Tall Sally 2-14 –Jimi Hendrix Lucille The Songs 3-1 –Fouth Stone Hey Joe 3-2 –Monks Of Doom Spanish Castle Magic 3-3 –Tricky Bag* Fire 3-4 –Freedom Searchers All Along The Watchtower 3-5 –Thee Hypnotics Can You See Me? 3-6 –Bleeding Hearts (10) Purple Haze 3-7 –501 Spanish Verbs Ain't No Telling 3-8 –David Dreams Third Stone From The Sun 3-9 –The Corn Dollies* I Don't Live Today 3-10 –Styler And Baldwin You Got Me Floating 3-11 –The Membranes Voodoo Chile 3-12 –The Stretch Heads* Spanish Castle Magic 3-13 –Obsequious Cheesecake If 6 Was 9 3-14 –The Mock Turtles Are You Experienced?

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